The Lunar Sabbath: Deception or Truth?

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Is the Lunar Sabbath Calendar a deception?

This site contains everything needed to understand the complex theology of the Lunar Sabbath.

You may be surprised to read that this is a theology and not just observing the Sabbath on a different day of the week. In truth, accepting Lunar Sabbaths also requires accepting some specific theological beliefs that complement the practice rather than contradicting it. This includes observing Pentecost in the fourth month instead of the third, and observing only the First Day of Unleavened Bread (Abib 15) and not the Last Day of Unleavened Bread as a day of rest.

Because of the complexities of Lunar Sabbath theology, this site utilizes a Wiki format. This allows each doctrinal concept to have its own page, and to easily link to other connected pages. Below are some of the main pages that we recommend you begin with:

The Lunar Sabbath Calendar

The Lunar Sabbath Calendar page provides a detailed explanation of how the calendar is reckoned, the scriptural basis behind it, and common objections

Lunar Sabbath Pentecost

The method of reckoningPentecost on the Lunar Sabbath Calendar is difficult to understand and a highly debated topic. This page explains clearly how to reckon Pentecost on the Lunar Sabbath Calendar, the scriptural basis for doing so, and common objections

Pinpointed Lunar Sabbaths

Pinpointed Lunar Sabbaths are defined as Sabbaths that can be "pinpointed" in the Bible (or even in extra-Biblical sources) to fall on the the Sabbath days of the Lunar Sabbath Calendar. Our page provides a list of all seventy-two, with linked articles explaining the details of each.

Sabbaths and Mo'edim

The key scriptures that support Lunar Sabbaths are Genesis 1:14, Leviticus 23:3 and Psalms 104:19. This page lays out how these scriptures are linked to support the observance of Sabbaths and Mo'edim, as well as objections

Once you can familiarize yourself with these topics you can draw your own conclusion regarding whether the Lunar Sabbath is a deception!