Pinpointed Lunar Sabbath

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A Pinpointed Lunar Sabbath is a Sabbath day in the Bible that has been "pinpointed" as occurring on the 8th, 15th, 22nd or 29th day of the month.


Pinpointed Lunar Sabbaths provide important evidence regarding the validity of the Lunar Sabbath Calendar. This is because they provide so many examples as proof that Lunar Sabbaths were observed in Biblical times.

It's been claimed that as many as seventy two Lunar Sabbaths have been "pinpointed". This number comes from a list of eighteen documented events. Since there are always four Lunar Sabbaths per month, identifying one Lunar Sabbath in the month will "pinpoint" the other three as well (18 x 4 = 72).

List of Pinpointed Lunar Sabbaths

At the time of this writing, this is the only known list on the Internet of all seventy-two (18 x 4) Lunar Sabbaths. Click on the Title to view the page for that event.

Number Bible Passage Title
1 Ex 16:1-23 The First Week of Manna
2 Ex 19 The Last Day in Rephidim
3 Lev 8:34, 35 The Consecration of Aaron and his Sons
4 Lev 14:2-10 The Law of the Leper
5 Esther 9 Esther 9
6 Numbers 29:12-39 The Feast of Tabernacles
7 Deut 5:15 Abib 15 in Egypt
8 Lev 23:9-11 The Wave Sheaf Offering
9 Jos 5:10-12 Passover in Gilgal
10 Jos 6:2-4 Marching Around Jericho
11 2 Chr 7:9-10 The Dedication of Solomon's Temple
12 2 Chr 29:17 Hezekiah's Cleansing of the Temple
13 John 5:9 The Healing at the Pool
14 John 9:14 Healing of the Blind Man
15 Acts 20:7 Paul's Journey to Troas
16 Jesus' Resurrection The Crucifixion Week
17 Josephus Antiquities Book 14, Chapter 4:3, Footnote 370 Siege of Jerusalem
18 1 Cor 15:20-23 Christ the Firstfruits