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An Extended Worship Day or "translation day" is a day of worship on the Lunar Sabbath Calendar that falls between the 29th day of the month and the New Moon Day.


The average length of a lunar month is approximately 29.5 days. This means that about half of the lunar months in a year will have twenty-nine days, and the other half will have thirty days.

The twenty-nine days of the Lunar Sabbath Calendar include one New Moon Day (the first day), then four weeks of six-day work days and a Sabbath. When an additional day is needed at the end of the month, an Extended Worship Day needs to be added as shown below:

Extended Worship Day Example

Extended Worship Days are necessary in order for the Lunar Sabbath Calendar to function properly as a Luni-Solar calendar.


Extended Worship Days are not considered to be days of the work week since the Bible states that the Sabbath follows six working days (Ex 20:9-10, Ex 23:12, Ex 31:15, Ex 35:2, Deu 5:13-14). Therefore they cannot be considered “working days” or a “Sabbath Days” but something else which does not involve working and is not specifically a Sabbath. Working at an occupation on an Extended Worship Day is not permitted, but non-occupational work (i.e. mow the lawn) can still be performed.

Biblical and Historical Evidence

There is no mention of observing Extended Worship Days in the Bible, nor is there a Hebrew term for “Extended Worship Day”. There are also no historical writings that describe the observance of Extended Worship days.

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