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Welcome to The Lunar Sabbath Encyclopedia
The encyclopedia dedicated to explaining the Lunar Sabbath

What is a Lunar Sabbath?

The Lunar Sabbath is the most controversial and misunderstood doctrine that applies to both Christianity and Judaism.

It is also a difficult theology to understand because of stumbling blocks like these:

  • The Sabbath isn't always on Saturday?
  • The New Moon Day isn't a day of the week?
  • How do you know when the Sabbath is supposed to be?
  • Is there evidence in the Bible that people observed Lunar Sabbaths?

These questions, and more, are addressed here in the Lunar Sabbath Encyclopedia!

Origins of the Lunar Sabbath

Lunar Sabbaths are controversial because they are never mentioned directly in Scripture. If we are to prove that the Biblical Calendar observed in Scripture was actually a Lunar Sabbath calendar, we must look for evidence in Scripture that proves this to be true (or false). This is why a list of Pinpointed Lunar Sabbaths has been compiled by proponents, as these events should each provide testimony from Scripture regarding the dates of specific Sabbaths and whether they fell on Lunar Sabbath dates.

The recorded history of Lunar Sabbaths begins with Jonathan David Brown, a record producer and audio engineer from Springfield, Missouri. After being released from what he called his "Federal Sabbatical"[1], he published a book in 1998 titled Keeping Yahweh's Appointments. In this book he laid the foundation for Lunar Sabbath theology, arguing that observing Lunar Sabbaths supports man's need to return to nature or "Natural Law". Brown wrote that he received this understanding by "prophetic revelation":

With that in mind, I tell you that Yahweh’s people are destined to return to all of His Natural Laws which were not added to merely atone for sin. It is my prophetic revelation that this is part of what is referred to as “the restitution of all things.” Acts 3:21.[2]

It was this book by Jonathan David Brown which was cited as "Where it all begins" by early Lunar Sabbath websites[3], some of which no longer exist today on the Internet. However, over the last thirty years, the theology has grown, been thoroughly documented, and spread across the globe.

Lunar Sabbath Definitions and Examples

A Sabbath that can fall on any day of the week sounds confusing enough... but what about things like New Moon days and Extended Worship Days?

A good place to start is the Lunar Sabbath Calendar page. There you can find clear explanations of what a Lunar Sabbath is, how to calculate it, and sample calendars to explain the concept visually.

Scriptural Foundations

The theology of Lunar Sabbaths is built upon a foundation of many different scriptures in the Bible.

The definition of seasons, and the rationale for the moon determining the timing of the Sabbath, can be found on the Sabbaths and Moedim page. There are also in-depth pages for specific verses and definitions, such as Ezekiel 46:1 and Chag.


The most controversial topic regarding Lunar Sabbaths is also the one that is most debated: Pentecost. Critics argue that the Counting of the Omer directly contradicts the timing of Lunar Sabbaths. However, proponents have made a case for a Fourth Month Pentecost that does not conflict with the Lunar Sabbath Calendar. Which one is correct? Judge for yourself after reading the Pentecost page.

Pinpointed Lunar Sabbaths

Can we cite any events in the Bible where it appears that Lunar Sabbaths were observed? The Lunar Sabbath Enclyclopedia hosts the only comprehensive list available of all seventy-two Pinpointed Lunar Sabbaths. Each of these events is described and critiqued in detail.

Pinpointed Lunar Sabbaths
Abib 15 in Egypt The First Week of Manna The Last Day in Rephidim
The Law of the Leper The Consecration of Aaron and his Sons Esther 9
The Feast of Tabernacles The Wave Sheaf Offering Passover in Gilgal
Marching Around Jericho The Dedication of Solomon's Temple Hezekiah's Cleansing of the Temple
The Healing at the Pool Healing of the Blind Man Paul's Journey to Troas
The Crucifixion Week Siege of Jerusalem Christ the Firstfruits
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